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Coming to worship in a church building 

What do you need to know before you go to Church?
- Wearing a facemask is mandatory, but not gloves.
- The toilets will be closed – except for emergencies.
- There will be no refreshments available – so bring some water (in a reusable bottle) if you think you will need a drink.
- Numbers allowed to attend will be limited. You will need to book in advance.
- A record of those attending will be kept for Track and Trace purposes.
- No bibles will be available, so please bring your own.
- Please only arrive from 11.15am and not any earlier (so we can ensure we are ready to welcome you.)
- If you are showing any COVID-19 symptoms then please do not attend. 
- What will church be like?

Church is going to be very different! 
- You will have to sanitise your hands when you arrive. Someone will welcome you and dispense some sanitiser into your hands (unless you bring your own sanitiser).
- There should be no hand shaking or hugging.
- There will be a ‘one way’ system in place, entry will be via the fire door and exit via the main door.
- You should stay 2 metres apart at all times.
- You will only be able to sit next to people you live with. Please sit in the seat you are directed to and stay there for the whole service, if possible.
- You will be asked to put your Offerings in a basket on a table on the way in / out. There will be no bags or baskets passed round during the service.  We will have the contactless machine available for use.
- The words for the service will be projected on the screen.
- There will be no singing.
- The peace will be done by sign language only and there will be no moving around to greet everyone.
- Communion will be ‘in one kind’ only. In other words, you will only receive bread. The Priest will sanitise her hands several times during the communion prayers. There will be further information about this when we move to a Holy Communion Service.
- After the service there will be no refreshments and you will be encouraged not to remain in the building too long.
- Volunteers will be needed to wipe down chairs, door handles and other ‘multi-touch points’ before we leave the building.  
- Volunteers will be needed to welcome, steward and operate the AV as well. 

Hello and welcome to our church. If you are a new visitor, we have a page for you to get to know us and learn more about planning a visit.
Click here to see more.

Planning your Visit

A Warm Welcome

The following information is specifically for those planning to visit us for the first time, so that you know, beforehand, what to expect on a Sunday morning.

Where and When

Most of our services take place in the Church Building (details below) starting at 10am. For your first visit, we recommend arriving 10-15 minutes early to give you plenty of time to park your car and then find somewhere to sit before the service begins. When you arrive, you will be greeted by one of our sidespeople who will give you everything you need for the service and show you where to sit.

After the 10am service tea, coffee and biscuits (and sometimes cake!) is served in the Community Centre. It is a great way to meet other people from church and enjoy a time of fellowship together.

Our Service

The main service begins at 10am with a warm welcome from the Vicar and usually lasts about an hour. On the first and third Sundays of the month the service is Holy Communion using Common Worship. The second Sunday of the month is when we have our Family Parade Service and the fourth Sunday service is Morning Praise. Neither of these services includes Holy Communion. If there is a fifth Sunday in the month we will have an All Age Service which is often quite lively with something for everyone regardless of how many years young they are.  It's probably easiest to check the calendar to see what is on each week!

If you prefer a quieter, more traditional service then at 8am each Sunday we have a quiet BCP (1662) Holy Communion Service which lasts about 45 mins.

images: Services

Is there a dress code?

No!  Please just be yourself and come dressed in your 'normal' clothes.

What about my children?

Children are welcome at all of our services, though some are more aimed towards children and families.
2nd Sunday of the month - Parade Service at 10am in church 
4th Sunday of the month - TOAST at 9.30am & 11am in the Community Centre
5th Sunday of the month - All Age Service at 10am in church.

Wednesday's in term time - Early Birds at 9.10am in church (for pre-schoolers and their carers).


Will I have to join in?

Not at all!  You are free to simply observe or participate as much as feels comfortable for you.

Plan your journey: 

Open Google Maps


There is wheelchair access to church, and a sound loop for anyone who needs it. Please let one of the sidespeople know on your arrival and they will help you to get set up. There is a toilet at the front of church with level access from outside.


Get in touch with us to plan your visit
If you would like to come and visit the church beforehand you are more than welcome! Get in touch and we can arrange a time that suits you.
Email Address:
Comments / Questions or anything you would like to say?

Next, we will contact you by email to say hello and help arrange anything necessary for your visit.
We hope that whoever you are, you will feel welcome and at home at our church.

Best Wishes

Reverend Jo